Friday, July 31, 2009

Sangria Basura Blanca

OK, so there are foodies and then there are foodies. I love fancy food, fresh organic produce, expensive stinky cheeses and unpronounceable brands of chocolate. I also have plenty of soft spots in my tummy for what a friend of mine calls "bad yummies." Food you know is kinda gross, but you love it anyway.

And, I have almost no palate for wine. Unless its really, really bad - like Manischewitz bad - wine pretty much tastes to me like, wine.

So given all this, I'm not at all above concocting a cocktail from less than top shelf ingredients. Mine comes from the bottom drawer.

One of my summer mainstays is White Trash Spritzer. The recipe is simple:

White Trash Spritzer

1/3 part Lemonade Chrystal Light
1/3 part Fresca
1/3 part Two Buck Chuck Chardonnay

Light, fruity, sparking, refreshing - perfect for a hot summer night.

Tonight the Boy Wonder was invited out to dinner and a movie by a pal (Thanks Monica!) So the Mr. and I had the evening to ourselves and I decided to whoop it up and have an adult beverage. I didn't have ingredients for a WTS, but I was able to make:

Sangria Basura Blanca

1/3 part Mixed Berry Chrystal Light
1/3 part Diet Sierra Mist
1/3 part Forrestville Cab

Very tasty on a chilly evening.

Bottom's Up!

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