Thursday, September 24, 2009

Craft Corner: Bargain Bijoux Part Deux

I also stumbled upon some amazing necklaces created by Lauren Manoogian out of paperclips and vinyl tape. Now that I just HAD to try.

And I just happened to have two packs of vintage paperclips - cool boxes, no?

I'd love to know where Ms. Manoogian finds her great colors of tape - but until then I used what I had, which was primary colors and black:

The trick to making these its "link - then wrap" - and now I'm wondering what kind of earrings and bracelets I can make.

I whipped these out while catching up on True Blood on DVD (I'm still early in Season 1 - the library will only let me get one DVD at a time, so It'll be a while...) I just love crafting while I'm watching TV, and now everything I see these necklaces I hear Vampire Bill whispering "Suhkie..."

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